Wow! Two seconds ago I figured out how to turn off Snapshots on not only my blog, but all blogs that I visit. This was such a major breakthrough that I simply had to share it with you!

If you like Snapshots or think that it is a very useful technological invention, I mean no offense to you. After all, tastes differ and one man’s meat is another man’s poison etc. etc. I would also like to at this point emphasize that this article is not of serious intent.

If you don’t know what Snapshots is, here follows a short and severely biased description for you: you are browsing a blog, your mouse happens to move over a link and suddenly (with a loud and menacing click) a box pops up and bombards you with advertisements and ANOTHER link to that spot. That, dear reader, is Snapshots in a nutshell.

So far I have discovered two different ways to switch off Snapshots. If you have a WordPress Blog, you can disable Snapshots on your blog by going to the “Design” section. From there you jump to “Extras.” Here you should find an option to disable or enable Snapshots on your blog. However, this does not entirely rid you of the menace! Snapshots still has the power to bombard you on other people’s blogs. Thankfully, a solution exists! When Snapshots jumps out of hiding, fully armed and ready to do battle, engage with it! Click on it! Remember, however, that the clicking has to be positioned strategically. The best, no, the only spot on which to click is the top right corner. There you will find a little button which, when clicked, provides you with options. Click on the option to disable Snapshots on all blogs and voilà you have rid yourself of the plague, you have won the battle and you have cleaned your little space of the World Wide Web of this scourge, the scourge that is Snapshots!


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