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A day of Sailing

As I step out of the car, the wind runs its long fingers through my hair, the trees rustle as though sharing secrets with one another and the grass whispers softly at my feet. From far away, the wind carries a message of silently waiting sails and of wide open spaces.

When I want to relax, I make a beeline for the sailing club. Wide open spaces and shady trees conspire to create an open and inviting atmosphere. When the wind picks up, an interminable clanging of halyards against masts reminds the keen sailor that an exciting sail is just around the corner.

So, down to the foreshore we run in order to begin the process of rigging the boat. Blocks and tackle, ropes and shackles have to be methodically sorted and put in their proper places. Carefully tighten the shackle, heave on the halyard and up climbs the sail, fluttering as the wind catches it and breathes new life into it. The bright colours glow in the sunshine, while the tall sail casts a long shadow on the grass. The water sparkles as the light catches it and chuckles as the waves break on the shore.

The boat is pulled forward to meet the waves. As the hulls kiss the water, the sailors jump on board. Pulling on the mainsheet, the sail is sheeted in and the boat moves forward. A gust comes sweeping over the water and brushes my cheek before pushing the boat forward even faster. The intrepid sailors are deluged by the spray which flies over the bows as the boat plunges through the water.

In the evening, the wind dies down. The surface of the water becomes calm and glassy. Amid the silence left after the wind, one can hear the birds twittering as they prepare for bed, the bees buzzing homeward and the gentle talk of contented sailors. The sun paints the sky in pastel shades and spreads a golden coverlet over the dam before sinking into the darkness.


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