Exit Exams

Exams are finished.
Feelings of relief.
Feelings of regret, guilt.
Good resolutions are penned
and forgotten

Pencils and pens in my pockets.
Fat kokis litter my room.
Sheets of paper
become a pillow for my weary head
longs to sleep…

Muscles cramped
from much exam sitting
stretch out with a sigh of relief

Exams are over
Time to relax!


6 thoughts on “Exit Exams

  1. What!! Finished exams already!! Hope that they went well! Really GOOD bad poem 😉 Maybe this will inspire me to start writing poetry again . . . . Looking forward to Mondays.

  2. Thank you. It’s the first poem I’ve written since primary school as I always hated writing poetry! It actually materialised in a strange way. I’d written down some random thoughts for the very boring piece of prose I’d wanted to write and suddenly I realised that my headings would make a nice poem. So I tweaked it a bit and posted it. And it was fun!

  3. Tyrell was here!!! Glad exams are over, and nice blog by the way.

    Keep up the faithful witness

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