Man’s greatest need

While in the Victoria Falls area, we visited the hospital there. It is a small hospital, with only a couple of wards. The tiles are cracked and peeling off the floor. There is dust above all the lamps and cobwebs in the corners. The dark green mosquito nets are rolled up for the wintertime. People are dying for lack of medications or lack of money to buy medicine. There was a little boy there with his mother. He has a broken arm. The hospital doesn’t have a radiographer to operate the X-ray machine. And the little boy’s mother doesn’t have the thirty US dollars necessary to pay for a radiographer to come in from another hospital. The hospital only has two doctors. One of them goes on leave soon. Then there will only be one doctor.

We went through the hospital, spoke to people and handed out tracts. It seemed as if there was so little that we could do in the face of their ovewhelming need. But that evening as the team shared our experiences around the campfire, God reminded me that mankind’s greatest need is for the Gospel. And God uses even our faulty, halting work for His purposes. To Him be all the glory!


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