Written a while ago, but only posted now.
It’s half past six in the evening, and I’m sitting in an almost completely dark house, writing by the light of a paraffin lamp and a couple of guttering candles. Yes, you guessed it – a power outage!

For the past two days, we have had no electricity in our house. And shockingly, our comfortable lives have come to a grinding halt. No longer does our gate open at the click of button, our lights come on at the flick of a switch, or our oven heat up at the turn of a dial. Bereft of our email, internet, radio and even telephone, we are isolated from all but our immediate contacts; isolated from the world that lies further away than that which is in front of our noses!

And in the silence there is time to think, to ponder and to meditate. Time to realise that God has a plan – even in power outages!


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