I remember the day there was no water coming through the taps. And the day when diesel was scarce and the little diesel that was available was exorbitantly expensive. I remember the small geysers and the absence of hot water. And I remember their calm, matter-of-fact attitudes as they coped with these and innumerable other challenges – as they coped with the absence of what we take for granted.

And I am humbled.


2 thoughts on “Zimbabwe

  1. My Dad recently went to Zimbabwe, and the privileges that Australians have at their fingertips 24/7 that Zimbabweans are deprived of is unbelievable. It is unfair that so many people in Zim are being mistreated for no apparent reason.

    I found your blog through the latest Rebelution comments. Great to find your blog – is it OK if I link you on my sidebar so I can keep checking back?

    God bless

  2. Yes, it is amazing what they manage to do without! However, I was more amazed at how God works all things, even the hardship that they are going through, for good. The Zimbabwean Christians are spiritual giants!

    Please feel free to link to me, in fact, I’d love it! Is it okay if I link to you? I visited your blog and it’s great!


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