A Summery Tuesday in South Africa

YLCF Blog Carnival

Young Ladies Christian Fellowship are hosting the “A Peek into Your Day” blog carnival to promote fellowship on their blog. I, of course, fell for it immediately – so here’s my day!

My cellphone’s alarm (strategically positioned on the other side of the room) goes off at 5:30. Groaning, I roll out of bed and switch it off. I’m still working on the “Rejoice, for this is the day that the Lord has made” bit. Waking up is definitely not something I do naturally!

Once I’m up, I settle down in my semi-comfortable armchair with my journal and my Bible for my quiet time.

Breakfast is next in the order of the day! Recently I discovered the joys of eating muesli with yoghurt, so if there’s yoghurt in the fridge – I go for it! Suprisingly, I don’t feel like eating yoghurt (perhaps because of a nagging sore throat: I must have eaten too much ice cream yesterday!) so I scrounge in the cupboard and find some Oatso Easy. There is one lone packet of the caramel flavour; a couple of minutes later, there are none!

My dad leaves for work and I go outside to wave him goodbye, putting out pellets for the dogs at the same time. My mother and sister left for school earlier and my other sister is in Germany on a student exchange, so I have the house to myself!

I sit down to download emails and check my feed reader. Then I decide to do something useful, so I unpack and repack the dishwasher. That little formality out of the way, I sit down to study for my exams. I’ll be writing my final matric German exam this afternoon, so I revise some grammar and look through my vocab.

Soon after nine, I remember that I have a couple of phone calls to make. After a fruitless and frustrating phone call to the licensing department, I shift this job on my to-do list onto tomorrow’s list. “More is nog ‘n dag” and maybe I’ll get an appointment for my driver’s licence test tomorrow.

I go downstairs to my room and continue studying. Exam time is not a good time of year for me. I spend a lot more time at home and the fridge and kitchen cupboards are in close proximity to my room. Snack attacks occur frequently!

I change into my school uniform at about half past twelve. Summer is now well and truly here and I decide to leave my blazer at home. I am later than I wanted to be, so I only have 10 minutes to practice flute before I have to go. I wheel my bicycle out of the garage. I don’t usually cycle to school as it can be dangerous, however, during exam time I often don’t have transport. Both of my parents work and I don’t have a driver’s licence yet. So I hop onto my bike and start cycling up the fairly steep hill on which we live.

I would usually have a flute lesson during this time, however flute lessons are slightly more flexible than National Senior Certificate exams and I had managed to change the time of my flute lesson.

I arrive at school in good time for the exam. Soon we are sitting in the exam room for the last German exam of my school career. All too soon time’s up and we put down our pens. Finished!

After the exam I head off to my swimming training at a local primary school. Summer is the time of year for thunderstorms and while we swim the ominous purple clouds gather silently. Luckily (or unluckily because in our dry country we need the rain!) the storm doesn’t break and we finish swimming in peace. We get a lift half way home with one of my friends and my mother lets me drive the rest of the way. I need all the practice I can get if I’m going to pass my driver’s licence!

After a quick shower it’s time for supper! We eat around the table as a family. My sister has only been in Germany for about a week and we’ve not yet gotten used to being only four around the table.

After supper I get some more driving practice in, as my dad needs to fix a computer at the little Christian school  that my parents started. Carefully I drive him there and back through the dark streets.

At about half past nine we arrive back home and I jump into bed and go to sleep…


6 thoughts on “A Summery Tuesday in South Africa

  1. Oatso Easy is pretty yummy! And even though I strategically position the alarm on the other side of the room, it doesn’t always work!
    Thanks for your comments!

  2. Great post, I really enjoyed it!
    Do you remember during our Tyndale days how we used to write an hour-by-hour breakdown of the school day for each other when one of us was sick? Your journal writing skills have certainly improved since then;)
    All the best with the rest of your exams!

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