Driving on the straight and narrow…

As the day of my seventeenth birthday drew nearer, my excitement mounted. You see, on that day, I could book a test for my learner’s licence! I would be one step closer to driving a car!

However, when the day actually dawned, I procrastinated on the job. After all, in the grand scheme of things what’s one day more or less? And then I procrastinated again. And again. Until, a year later, on my eighteenth birthday (when I could technically book  a test for my driver’s licence) I still didn’t have a learner’s licence!

Then one day, I had to face my problem – I was scared! Yes, scared! Scared of driving, scared of traffic, scared of the official government test, scared of stepping outside of my comfort zone, even scared of phoning the (reputedly terribly disorganised) call-centre!

I came to realise that my fear was dishonouring to God.  In 2 Tim 1:7 we read: “For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” My puny spirit of fear was definitely not glorifying to God! He gave me a sound mind, therefore learning to drive is a feat well withing my capabilities. I just needed to step out in faith and start doing it!


Time and time again, God assures us that He is with us, that He will not forsake us and that we have no reason to fear. Isa 41:13 ” For I, the LORD your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, “Fear not, I am the one who helps you.”


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