Bible Reading Challenge


A family saga of sin, deceit and God’s forgiveness…

The great story begins. This first book of the Bible begins at the beginning of His story. We read of how “in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” And later He created man.

This first book lays the foundation for the rest. Man sins. God plans redemption.

The book’s main characters all follow this pattern. We meet Adam and Eve – the first humans, hence the first sinners! Abraham, the coward with the beautiful wife, who learns to trust God. Jacob, the slimy deceiver who gets a taste of his own medicine, yet he wrestles for blessing. Joseph the goody-two-shoes whose brothers dispose of him by selling him into slavery. Still, he doesn’t seek revenge, but looks beyond second causes to the God who directs hid life.

Ultimately, the book is a testimony to God’s goodness in the life of His people and His plan for our redemption.


2 thoughts on “Genesis

  1. Great summary of an amazing book! Good point about it being a foundation for the rest of God’s plan of redemption. I think its something we often forget.

    And though we often head straight to the New Testament, its a great strategy in evangelism to “start at the beginning” and help people understand WHY they need a Savior.

  2. Thank you! I enjoyed writing it!

    Thanks also for the evangelism tip. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of opportunities for witnessing in the next couple of weeks – the first weeks of university!

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