God’s timing is perfect!

My knees are feeling weak and wobbly. My tummy is filled with this wonderfully bouant, bubbly, aprehensive butterfly feeling. And from somewhere, a big smile dropped in and pasted itself on my face! I just can’t get rid of it! It keeps popping up again and again.

You see, this morning (at about 8:30) a lady phoned from the Faculty of Health Sciences and told me I’ve been accepted to study Medicine!

Wow! What a day…

Read more about my first official day as a medical student on my blog tommorow.

I was amazed at the perfection of God’s timing! Lectures start on Wednesday. On Monday morning, I was accepted into the Medical Programme.

Yes, God does know what you need to study! Yes, He is infinitely to be trusted. Yes, He does keep His promises.

He knows what is best for His children.


5 thoughts on “God’s timing is perfect!

  1. Does this mean you’re going to be too busy to sail for the next few years?

    (Might have to rename your blog).


  2. Kaylene: Thanks for the congratulations. God has been really good to me!

    Gary: Hopefully not! (Picture horrified face…)
    And as to the name of my blog, it’s already not that acurate (when taken literally), seeing as I’ve only sailed in one or two reggattas in my life!!! Lol.

    Thanks for your comments.

  3. Yes,God’s timing truly is perfect . . . . I think back to our primary school days and your desire to serve God as a doctor and now -you are registered medical student!!

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