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Leviticus (and update on Bible Reading Challenge)

Yes, I’m behind on my Bible Reading!

No, I’m not THAT far behind that I have only just finished Leviticus.

Actually, I am about to start Joshua. I made it all the way through the Pentateuch! This is the first time that I have ever started reading the whole Bible through in a set time period and actually made it beyond Genesis!!! So I have something to be glad about!

On the other hand, I should be somewhere in 2 Samuel by now probably! So I am WAAAAAAY behind. Medical school started and my Bible Readings kinda slipped on a banana peel and outa my life.

But it’s not going to stay that way!

I am going to do my utmost to catch up. (After all, there are always the April holidays…) And even if I don’t catch up, that’s also okay. The point is to read through God’s Word. You know, the one that’s sharper than a double edged sword? The one that’s inspired by God? The only Word that is living and active? Yup, that’s the one! The only one!

And I (and all the rest of God’s people) cannot survive without it.

*     *     *


This seeming “Handbook of Rules” for the Israelite people is often dismissed as boring, irrelevant or out-of-date! However, God’s concern and passion for holiness shines through every line in this book!

“For I am the LORD who brings you up out of the land of Egypt, to be your God. You shall therefore be holy for I am holy.” Lev 11 : 45

In the small things, as in the big things, God wants His people to be holy, as He is holy.

We serve a holy God.


2 thoughts on “Leviticus (and update on Bible Reading Challenge)

  1. Don’t worry too much about slipping behind – the holidays are useful for playing catch-up. Was at least as far behind as you last year, but cleared completed book 66 this week.

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