So what does a first year med student really do all day? After all, they can’t let us near the patients – that would be lethal – for the patient, I mean! But you’ve gotta start somewhere…

So, without any more ado, here are my subjects for the first semester!

Molecular and cell biology: This is an awesome subject! We learn about the chemistry behind what goes on in a cell. At school, organic chem didn’t make that much sense, but now that we’re actually learning about it in the context of a cell it is so much clearer! And of course, learning words like “triacylglycerol, phosphoenolpyruvate, and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate” just make the subject so much cooler!

Chemistry: I enjoy chemistry. We’re also doing organic chem in this subject, but more from a chemistry angle as opposed to the biological angle in Molecular and Cell Biology. Oh, and what’s great is that we have to have a lab coat (which I borrowed from Marion – thanks Marion!:) for practical work in the lab. So we get to dress up in white coats…

Physics: Practicals in this subject are terrible! We have a tutorial of an hour and a half (which isn’t too bad) immediately followed by a practical session of an hour and a half (which is absolutely nerve-wracking!) To finish within the allotted hour and a half is only possible for some sort of physics genius – which I am not! Ironically, this fact has led to me developing an appreciation for physics in general! Because I have to swot it all up and wrestle with the problems in the week before the practical, I have actually started enjoying physics more!

Medical Sociology: This subject has made me very grateful for what God has done for me! I see how these people try to fix what is wrong in society using sociological methods. Yet, the problem is sin and the only one who can fix it is God.

Philosophy: No comment. Read my previous post. (The professors in this course have interesting ideas about fashion and facial hair… At least contemplating this fact keeps me from utter boredom in class!)

Medical Terminology: This is a great subject! We’re learning Greek and Latin – how can it not be great? And I’m not being sarcastic here folks… (I just had to laugh when a word in our excercise: “acephalocardia” turned out to mean “congenital absence of the head and heart!” That poor ‘patient!’)


3 thoughts on “Subjects

  1. Dear Renate

    I mean, I can’t simply say that it’s a load of utter nonsense, can I? Oops, I said it! Oh well, now you know!

    It’s unfortunate you have such a limited view of the world. It’s especially unfortunate give that you are in training to be a clinician, a profession that demands acute sensitivity to persons and their contexts.

    I see how these people try to fix what is wrong in society using sociological methods.

    Sociology and its methods are designed to understand the world, not just change. Perhaps if you too the course more seriously you would begin to develop a better understanding of the discipline of sociology.


  2. Hi Chad

    You have a valid point. Yes, I agree with you that medicine is a profession that demands a lot of sensitivity. I realise that sociology as a subject is attempting to instil this sensitivity in medical students.

    I know that I have a lamentable tendancy to over-exaggerate and ridicule things. I apologise if I have offended you by treating the discipline of medical sociology in this way.

    However, I would like to clarify:
    The point of my last paragraph (which you commented on: “Sociology and its methods are designed to understand the world…”) is that the basic problem with society is sin. Sociology can only do so much to fix (or understand) the world, but the final answer is always and will always be Jesus. Without Jesus, society and the whole world is lost.


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