Bible Reading Challenge


The book of the words which Moses spoke…

Imagine all of Israel, men, women and children, spread out in the plain opposite Suph. Imagine them weary after ten days journey to reach the plains. See in your mind’s eye the thousands of cooking fires from thousands of dinners being cooked. A multitude of people gathered on one plain after close on forty years of wanderings.

Think of the tension. The anticipation. Only two months! And then – the Promised Land.

But before they can go, Moses takes them through an intensive course on Israelian history and Law. They will have no excuse for ignorance. For 32 chapters Moses reminds the people of what God has done and decreed. Before they can move forward they must look at what lies behind them. Remember God’s faithfulness and their unfaithfulness. Finally, Moses gives the children of Israel a sobering sneak peek at what lies ahead.

A last blessing from the leader, one last view of him, only the words of his song are left lingering in their ears as he disappears up the mountain.

And, at age one hundred and twenty, Moses went home.

“And He buried him in a valley in the land of Moab, opposite Beth Peor; but no one knows his grave to this day.”


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