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Where did April go to?

What is it with the month of April, huh? I mean, seriously, just check out my blog stats – I have never posted in any month of April! (Not that I’ve been blogging for long enough to experience many Aprils, but that’s beside the point.)

Even worse, April is technically the month when my blogging should peak. We have holiday in April, it’s my birthday in April, there are lots of public holidays in April and the colder autumn weather encourages creative indoor pursuits – such as blogging. But do I post? Naaah…

Why am I posting now anyway? I dunno. I don’t have anything worthwhile to say or any particular point to make, just a compulsion to write – even if I only write nonsense! (Sorry to the two people who do follow my blog. 🙂 )

I think my brain has been affected by the inordinate amount of time that I seem to be spending in the “Bib” (library) at ‘varsity nowdays. It doesn’t want to work at this moment in time. Hence the blogging, rather than studying for the next semester test.

But who wouldn’t prefer blogging to studying for a psychology semester test? Not that psychology is that bad, it’s just that blogging is better. Except for this post, which is utter nonsense anyway and which I will probably delete when my brain gets switched on again. So if it’s not here tomorrow (the blog post, that is) then you know that the trash folder was the ultimate recipient of its nonsensicalness. (Wow, I like that word.)

Oh, and to get back to the psychology which I should be studying. You might be wondering where this random subject tagged on to my list of subjects, seeing as it’s not featured in this post. We only started psychology this term. Psychology and Sociology together count as one subject, each part gets one term of lectures. I’m actually kinda enjoying the psychology part of it. And no, psychology is not only about hypnotism and lab rats and freaky things like that! (Yes, that was approximately my stereotype of the subject field.)

Did you know, that if you tell MS Word to “find and replace” the word ‘pop’ with the word ‘ontplof’ in a bilingual document, then you can end up with combinations like ontplofcorn, ontplofping, ontplofper and ontplofped? eg.” When the sound of ontplofping ontplofcorn kernels ceases, then carefully remove the ontplofped ontplofcorn from the ontplofper…”

It was my sister’s project, just by the way. The education system hasn’t degraded that much that med students are doing projects about popcorn.

On that note, I’m definitely looking forward to next semester, when we move to medical campus. I think it’s gonna be awesome! But before then I have to get through a whole exam session. So I probably should go study…


3 thoughts on “Where did April go to?

  1. Well, for all your saying that this post was nonsense, it ‘gave me my laugh’ for the day 😉 Very entertaining!

  2. I also like the ‘nonsensicalness’ word 🙂 glad that project is finished, but yes the ontplofcorn was cool!

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