Medicine / University

First day of med school

Did not get lost on the way to the medical campus.

Found parking – next to the mortuary.

Discovered that the numerous rumours of no grass, trees or flowers at the medical campus are not true.

Admired the seniors in their white coats. Can’t help but wonder whether it isn’t impractical to wear white coats all day long though, even when eating…

Sat through lots of “Welcome to the medical campus” speeches. Every second Prof seemed to want his little bit of speech time.

Heard that I can expect to spend about two and a half grand on textbooks next week. Shocked into silence.


Was repeatedly assured that “Medicine is AWESOME!” by the sixth year chairman of the Medical Students committee in his speech.

Got homework: Collect and submit names and contact details of the faculty’s extensive med student support structure.

Got more homework: Write a 500 word essay on “My dream doctor.”

Favorite quote of the day: “This week you inject oranges. Next week you inject babies.”

(My sympathies are with the babies…)


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