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Physician’s fruit salad

Lord, give me a love for my patients; the love that only You can give, because our love is merely a reflection of the love You showed in giving us Your Son.

Teach me to find joy in You when there is heartbreak all around me, so that I may spread Your joy through the world.

Father, help me to remain peaceful and calm in tense situations, so that You may be glorified when my patients get better.

Please remove my impatient spirit, so that my life and professional career will be a testimony of Your grace.

May I be kind to patients, following in the footsteps of Your Son who healed beggars and did not chase away the children.

Give me the wisdom to make good decisions and the strength of character to do the right thing for my patients, yet also the humility to admit it when I am wrong.

Grant me gentle hands, God, and a gentle spirit to counterbalance the pain that I may have to inflict on patients during the process of healing.

Keep me faithfully following after You, Lord, so that my primary focus will be on the healing of souls that only You can accomplish.

Help me to live in a self-controlled and disciplined way so that I am always ready to help people, but also always ready to give “a reason for the hope” that is in me.

I may not be a doctor yet, nor do I have patients yet, but I can still pray for the doctor that I will one day become.


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