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I survived! P.S. The patients did too…

At my med school, students are assigned to clinics from the first year of studies. We work at these clinics every now and then until the fifth year of studies.

So, yesterday, I and the two other students in my group walked into the clinic in our white coats knowing how to measure blood pressure and not much else! And measure blood pressure we did! Again and again and again!

We also helped to weigh babies and measure them. They were really cute, until they received their immunisations! Then they became all mouth and noise!!!

Later, we interviewed patients and filled in surveys about the health care facilities in the area used by patients. I was surprised and encouraged by the very few patients that make use of traditional healers. (Or the small amount that admit to using traditional healers… Depends how you look at it.)

Going again tomorrow. Hoping to practice my meagre seSotho!


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