Bible Reading Challenge

So what happened?

The deadline has come and gone, and any mention of the 6-month Bible Reading Challenge has been conspicuously absent from my blog. What happened?

Well, medicine happened. And bad time management happened. And procrastination happened. And a host of other things happened that I could also use as excuses…

But you know what?

Bible Reading also happened.

I may not have read nearly as much as I wanted to. Yes, I’m still far from finishing. However, this is the first time in my entire life that I have started to read through the Bible and have actually come past the first couple of chapters in Genesis!

As a result of this Bible Reading Challenge, God has given me a renewed thirst for His Word. And for that I thank Him and praise Him.

Even though I haven’t completed the challenge, time spent in God’s Word is never wasted.

And I’m gonna spend a lot more time in His Word still. I’ll let you know when I cross the finish line…


4 thoughts on “So what happened?

  1. But you haven’t told us – where are you?


    Just started re-reading the letters in Phillips’ translation (“Letters to young churches”) – marvellous, refreshing & challenging.

  2. 😀 Song of Solomon.

    I confess I had to Google your last sentence to figure out what you were talking about! Found it very interesting, though. I haven’t actually read any translations done like that before.

  3. Hi Mark

    I’m in Song of Solomon.

    Thanks for the comment. How did you find my blog? I see that you have linked to some SA blogs that I also read…

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