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Promotion! and other news

Evening all, and welcome to this news flash! This is Renate, blogging live from the shores of the dam.

Right now the frogs are croaking, crickets are chirping and my feet are being eaten alive by mosquitos!

Oh right, back to the news.

I promoted! In other words, I did well enough in the weekly tests throughout Block 1 and in the final BLOCK TEST !!! so that I don’t have to write the exam. (Insert happy face here)

However, we still have two weeks of pharmacology to do, as well as one random week of random activities. Either of those has the potential to scupper my hopes of an early holiday.

Also in the running to stop my chickens from hatching, is the Sepedi test which we wrote on Thursday. Yes, that’s right, we have in fact, spent a sum total of 4 (four) days learning Sepedi. Which I think is awesome. Not the fact that it’s only four days; that’s tragic. The fact that we’re learning Sepedi at all – that’s incredible. After all this is med school. But you still need to be able to communicate with your patient…

My favorite phrase of the week has got to be this one: “Ke na le bana na?” It means: “Do you have children?” However, and this is where the awesomeness comes in, if you say it fast enough, it sounds like: “Ke na le banana?”

Well, next week we start with pharmacology. I think it’s going to be interesting. It’s kinda sad that I have to go to class while my little sisters have holiday, but I guess that balances out in the end. After all, if all my chickens do hatch out, then I’ll have holiday from the 15th of October. For more info on what I’ll do then, please refer to this post, in which I count my chicken’s before they’ve hatched.

In other news, the sailing was great today! The sun was shining, the wind was just right and to complete our joy, there were almost more sailing boats than motor boats on the dam!

To top it all off, being at the sailing club, surrounded by the right atmosphere, is having a beneficial effect on my novel-to-be. Inspiration is arriving and plot bunnies are hatching out all over the place. Can’t wait till November!


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