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Update, a.k.a. Yes, I’m still alive!

Med school finished for the year on Friday. That is, not last Friday, the one before that…

Since then, I have been extremely productive. I have spent an inordinate amount of time asleep and I have managed to catch a cold. In the middle of summer nogal. (Even better, it’s managed to metamorphose into an ear infection.) As I said, a productive week.

Okay, it’s not been quite that bad. I’ve also started to do music theory again. Grade 7 Unisa, here we come.

It’s quite scary how quickly one forgets the stuff though. Lets hope I can pick it up as quickly as I forgot it. Tussendominante, verdubbel die terts, laat die leitoon styg, sewendes, insanity? Bring it on!

If you were wondering, yes, I do in fact do all my music theory in Afrikaans. It’s easier that way. In my world, the alphabet up to the letter ‘G’ is irrevocably Afrikaans.

I’m starting to get really excited about November and NaNo. My plotline is progressing. My characters are starting to get a life of their own. I’m consuming copious amounts of rooibos tea. And it’s only October! What will happen in November?

Recently I attended some of the sessions of the Rezolution conference. It was utterly amazing. Mind-blowingly awesome! In fact, it deserves its own post. This totally doesn’t do justice to it.

Finally, I’m going on a Brownie camp this weekend. I’ll be spending the weekend with goodness knows how many 7 – 10 year girls… And I thought tackling that music theory was insane!

P.S. The soccer team I support finally managed to win a match yesterday! Made my day. Simply had to share that with you.


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