My walk with God


The Rezolution Conference (inspired by Jonathan Edwards’ resolutions) took place at the Sandton Convention Centre over the weekend of the 15th of October.

I was privileged to attend some of the sessions. Wow! What an experience. I really don’t have the words to describe what it meant to me.

John Piper and Conrad Mbewe were the speakers. And God truly worked mightily through them.

There were thousands of people at the conference. The photo doesn’t do justice to the sheer size of the place!

Me and my pretty sisters at the conference.

‘Twas the first time I had been to Sandton. I have to say that I was quite impressed. Talk about snazzy…

While we gazed out of the windows at the amazing builings, we noticed some people cleaning the glass roof of the coffee shop opposite us. Full climbing gear, safety ropes, helmets – the works! That is definitely not my dream job!!!

We also walked across a glass bridge to the shopping centre across the road, where we did a bit of window shopping. I’m afraid the prices in Sandton were a bit steep for us poor plebs, but we still had a good time!

I was going to take a photo of us in front of a shop called “The Golden Sheepskin,” but (true to Murphy’s Law) at that moment the camera batteries decided to well and truly give up the ghost! Unfortunately I’ll have to leave that pleasant sight up to your imagination, dear reader.



See there are jacarandas in Jo’burg too!

On Sunday afternoon there was a Stuart Townend concert. Stuart Townend had also led some of the singing during the rest of the conference.

The concert was awesome! ‘Nuff said.

At one point, Stuart left the stage while his band played a couple of instrumental pieces. You can see him lying on the floor behind some boxes in the bottom right hand corner of my photo!

You’ve gotta love a place that has seven stories of escalators!


2 thoughts on “Resolved

  1. Hadn’t heard about the conference, but do remember (from a very long time ago) the very intimidating list of resolutions that J.E. took.

    Be careful of Sandton . . .

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