NaNoWriMo / Sailing

Day two:11k and counting!

Currently my Nano manuscript is sitting at eleven thousand and nine words in total. It feels good to type it out in letters. Eleven thousand and nine. Oh yeah.

However, I seem to have reached a stalemate. I know where my story is going. I just don’t want to take it there.

For your information, I am about to take my heroine, as well as the boat she is currently sailing in and tip them both upside down. The boat physically upside down, and Jenna emotionally upside down. The boat will be broken. I’m a little bit worried that Jenna might get broken too.

In fact, while we’re talking about characters,  mine gave me a bit of a surprise today. My heroine’s brother’s sailing partner started to fall in love with my heroine!

Now that was definitely not planned!

Actually, if anything was totally taboo, that was it.

Oh well. December is for editing. Right now, I’m having fun!


3 thoughts on “Day two:11k and counting!

  1. Very nice wordcount!

    I know how you feel though. Today I found out that my main character’s literary agent is also his ex-wife. Rather a disfunctional relationship if ever I saw one, and definitely going to complicate my life for the next four weeks.

    Why can’t these characters just sit quietly and do what they are told?


  2. Okay, that is going to be an interesting roller coaster ride! Good luck with that one…

    However, I have to say, just think how boring it would be if all the character’s did exactly as we wanted them to!

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