I hit 20k early on the morning of the fourth of November. And promptly stalemated there.

When it comes to novel-writing, I am definitely a planner. Writing by the seat of my pants does not work for me.

I had planned my novel pretty thoroughly before November arrived. I found some nifty novel planning spreadsheets in the Nano forums. I sat and worked at my plot. I developed characters. I had fun.

Unfortunately, I had never tried to plot a story of longer than 500 words. At school, the absolute maximum that we were allowed to write was 550 words. So my planning skills at novel level are not that great.

In plain words, I’m running out of story.

Also, because I planned out my novel so beautifully beforehand I am reluctant to disrupt its plotline with death-dealing travelling shovels and Mr Ian Woons and such like random things culled from the Nano forums.

But that’s okay. Because I have a second story brewing in my brain. With all my added experience of how not to do it, I’m sure I can manage to hit at least 50k with that one. Then by the end of November I should have one purple bar deserving novel and one random novella thingamajig.

Maybe it’s time to go plan my second novel…


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