The sadness of being behind…


I’m behind on my word count. My little graph on my nano profile is looking quite depressed. I’ll fix it tomorrow. Obviously weekends are not my prime time for writing. There’s just so much other stuff happening.

I have done some writing though. I got in a good number of words, simply by including a lion with stomach ache. My storyline also includes a Boy Scout who is allergic to pioneering. I haven’t figured out if that is physically possible in the real world. So what. This is nano. Anything can happen.

Mr Ian Woon has made an appearance in my novel. I’m fairly sure he’s going to pop in again. The way my wordcount is going, he’s going to have to!

The Travelling Shovel of Death has been hinted at. I’ll write it in tomorrow. I am totally not going to write about murderous shovels at this hour of the night! I have enough problems with insomnia without adding that complication to my life…

Good night!


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