Blogging Monday to Friday @ the dam: Monday

Yesterday we had plenty of wind. Today there was pretty much none. That, in a nutshell, summarises our day.

We woke up in the morning to a grey and overcast day. A light wind was blowing. There was not enough wind to tempt me to rig the boat. It was cold. The weather was lousy. And I was lazy.

Instead of sailing, we sat outside our caravan, bundled up in blankets and jackets. We drank hot chocolate while my sisters read aloud from my friend’s novel that I am currently editing. The morning passed in pleasant idleness.

At lunchtime, my mother and Nicky ate some feta cheese. Shari and I don’t like feta, so we ignored them. By three ‘o clock, we were starving, so we made lunch. Chippie broodjies and fruit cake.

In the (later) afternoon, we noticed that some friends of ours had arrived. We spent some time walking around the campsite with them and their over-friendly dogs. It was nice to have some female friends to chat with. The sailing world here tends to be dominated by guys.

Currently, the sun is setting and the colourful sky is magnificent! The potjie is on the fire and soon we’ll have supper. The annoying Afrikaans music seems to have faded. The learner driver that was driving around earlier has now stopped torturing us with high rev counts. The crickets are chirping. It’s peaceful.


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