Flying Solo

Blogging Monday to Friday @ the dam: Tuesday

Despite Windguru’s dire predictions, there was some wind on the dam today. Occasionally, that is. In between the gusts of wind, there were long periods of windless bobbing around to be endured. We decided that today was an ideal time for some solo sailing.

While one of my sisters took our Dart 18 out, the other one windsurfed and I sat on the foreshore watching them. While I was sitting there, a little boy playing with an O’9er minus its sails and mast took pity on my obvious boatlessness and offered me a ride. I politely declined. I don’t think I would fit very well in an O’9er.

Later, when my respective sisters had come in at their respective times, I windsurfed and sailed on our Dart. Wow! Taking the Dart out all by myself was great! When the gusts hit, I was lightweight enough to be able to lift the hull, even though the wind was light. It was truly Awesome.

It was much later in the afternoon, however, that the true drama of the day occurred. One of my sisters ( I mention no names) had taken the Dart out by herself. I think the wind must have been a bit stronger than in the morning. She started off very well, but things soon turned pear shaped. A gust hit her and she was over. Almost immediately, the mast decided to implement its secret desire to do some deep sea fishing and the boat turned turtle.

I hitched a ride out to her with the nearest Hobie 16. The two of us together couldn’t do very much to lift her hulls, so the same friendly Hobie sailor left his boat with his crew and swam across to come help us. With his added weight, things were a bit easier, but still not easy. Trust me, turtling your boat is not something that I recommend doing as a fun and relaxing afternoon activity.

I was very grateful for the rest of the sailors at the club. During the entire affair, they were hovering about helpfully, or shooting off to contact a motorboat, or coming at top speed to assist us. See, now that’s why I like being part of a club! The people are awesome. Thank you.

In the evening we braaied those enormous mushrooms and some meat. After supper, my dad and I braved the eight-legged monsters on our rusty boat trailer so that we could recover some of his private stash of wood stored there for our campfire. I am pretty sure we’re the only sailors at this club that store firewood in our boat trailer!

We sat around the campfire and toasted marshmallows until the fire died down. Bedtime. Good night!


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