NaNoWriMo / Sailing

Blogging Monday to Friday @ the dam: Wednesday

I woke up to the sound of soft rain dripping on my tent. I snuggled deeper into my sleeping bag and wondered if it was worth it to get up.

When I did eventually get up, we ate breakfast inside our caravan tent. The weather was terrible, so we stayed inside the tent and I worked some more on the novel I am editing.

I found a book on butterfly gardening inside the caravan. One thing I had never thought that I would do, was read a book on butterfly gardening. However, since I had decided to make the father of my heroine (in my own novel) into a butterfly farmer, it suddenly became ideal reading material for a cold and overcast morning. I have now decided to create a butterfly garden at home. Watch this space…

Later, the weather cleared up and my sisters went sailing. By the time I could drag myself away from my novel, there wasn’t any wind left and the cloudy morning had turned into a scorchingly hot, windless afternoon.

We made a fire, and having cut the mouldy spots off our bread, we braaied it in slices. It actually tasted surprisingly good! We went to bed and luckily no-one suffered any untoward after-effects, so I guess the bread is safe for tomorrow’s lunch!


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