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Back to the grindstone again!

I USED TO think that university students were over-exaggerating when they talked about doing one textbook in two weeks!

I’ve been back at university for two weeks already.

Guess what?

We have worked through one textbook already in those two weeks! And not just any textbook…

One textbook full of chemical pathways and equations! That’s right, we are indeed covering the metabolism of the human body. Right now, I like it! Ask me again in seven weeks time…

Of course, being brain-washed with metabolism has produced some rare Facebook gems from amongst my classmates:

Talita: “Ag nou nou ja, here we are again… metabolism meet your doom..!”

Talita: “Vandag se lesings voel ekstra special super duper delux lank…”

Candace: “Is it only me that’s struggling to force the mush in my head to turn to brain again???”

Scott: “metabolism has more cycles than the tour de France! haha”

Ariaan: “As sy enigsins stadiger praat is ek seker ons sal 99 wees voor ons die vyf bl. klaar het”

Renate: “So why wasn’t Jonah metabolised by the whale?”

Scott: “nobody has that energy need per day….except chuck norris?”

Talita: “Nutrition practical: …”A physical examination will determine if the baby is wasted”…Ek se mos! die kinders van vandag!”

Renate: “Don’t you think it’s kinda sad that I can get really excited about hormone sensitive lipase? :-P”

I should be studying right now…



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