Plastic arms, fake blood and sharp needles!

What happens when you have a bunch of med students, plenty of (sharp) equipment and lots of plastic body parts to practice on?

Trust me – You don’t want to know what happens!

Especially when you have a classroom littered with plastic buttocks for practicing intramuscular injections on…

Strange things happen.

Photos of said strange things are then subsequently posted on Facebook.

Which is where they will stay. This is supposed to be a family friendly blog, remember?

And anyway, they aren’t my photos…

However – just to scare you – imagine walking into one of the government clinics that are plentiful around the university. If you should need an IV infusion (drip) or an injection in your posterior or even to have blood drawn, there will be many happy second year medical students that will be more than willing to practice on you! After all, human flesh beats plastic body parts and fake blood any day! Mwa ha ha ha ha!!!

If you ask me, that’s worse than a zombie apocalypse!


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