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Girls roadtrip of epic delays!

So my sisters and I are taking part in the Midmar Mile dam swim. In Pietermaritzburg. Which means – road trip!

I went to bed at midnight last night after having fallen asleep on top of my half-packed luggage… We got up at 3 ‘o clock in the morning and left at half past four, in order to miss the traffic on the way down.

We arrived in Harrismith at half past eight, where we bought hot chocolate. So far, so good.

Then the delays started.

We decided to go via Olifantshoek pass, because the Drakensberg is, just, like, totally awesome. Unfortunately, the roadworks along the road were not that awesome! Delay #1.

We then detoured via Spioenkop. Reason: We are random crazy Liverpool FC fans who actually decide to go wander across the mountain which gave “The Kop” at Anfield its name. Result: Epic delay #2 of awesomeness. You will get plenty of photos when I’m home again and on my own computer.

After having reassured our friends in Pietermaritzberg that we were in fact still on our way and that we hadn’t broken down yet or caused an accident, we finally rejoined the highway.

The sweltering heat caused another delay… (Delay #4) We simply HAD to stop along the way for a milkshake. Never mind the fact that half of us are technically allergic to milk! Ahem.

Finally, we arrived in Pietermaritzberg! Time for a swim!


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