Dissection / Medicine / University

Stampede! (a.k.a. This is med school)

There is one item in the med school curriculum that everyone knows about:

Some people love it, some hate it and others just feel plain queasy when you talk about it…


Older students, who’ve already been through the madness use it as a tool of intimidation. Younger students feel intimidated. Wild rumours spread through the class. Pressure builds…

The Dissection Information session which took place today didn’t help much either.

The professor informed us that there is enough time to do the work. There just isn’t very much time for ourselves during the block! Apparently, if we want time to “assimilate” the work (whatever that may be) we have to do it in our subconscious, or while we’re asleep!

At the end of the lecture, we were told to sign up in groups on the downstairs notice board for a table in the dissection hall. Almost before the words were out of the professor’s mouth, half of the class had jumped up out of their seats and sprinted out of the lecture hall!

You see, two of the lecturers are extremely popular. Some of the other lecturers are, shall we say, not so popular. And the rest are okay. Hence the stampede. Everyone wants a table with a popular lecturer in charge.


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