Dissection / Medicine / My walk with God / Prayer

I have a confession to make…

I’m scared.

Long ago, when I was little and I dreamt about being a med student I used to think it would be so awesome to dissect a cadaver. You know, all this amazing anatomy up close! God’s creation – the human body!

Hey, when I was in first year, I still thought it would be pretty awesome! I looked forward to the day I’d start doing real medical things! (That is, if dissecting dead bodies can be classed as medicine per se.)

But, now that it’s here, now that I actually have to get out there and do this thing – I’m not so sure about it all anymore.

When I’m grown up… One day… In a couple of years time… Next year…

That’s not nearly as intimidating as… (gulp) tomorrow.

So yeah, I’m really, really scared.

Pray for me, please. It’s only by His grace that I can get through this.


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