Dissection / Medicine

Day 2

So much for the insane workload… What it looks like right now is waaaaay worse than insane! I don’t have words to describe it!

We’re dissecting the thorax at the moment. Took out the lungs today. I was amazed at how much effort it took to wrestle the lung out of the thorax! Trust me, when I say ‘wrestle,’ I mean WRESTLE! It probably took us at least ten minutes of tug of war to get the lung out…

We also cut open the pericardium to look at the surface of the heart. Our cadaver is… how shall I say it… slightly overweight! I used to think that fatty tissue was located just under the skin. Which it is. However, it’s also in between the muscles and organs. I was shocked by the fat sitting on top of the heart!

Dissection resolution#1 – Lose some weight: Just as a precautionary measure, mind you! 🙂

I want to try to post something on most days during this block. This is my way of coping with it. My way of getting it off my chest. I can’t promise that it’ll last though! If the workload continues to increase exponentially in insanity, there will probably come a time when personal detoxing just isn’t a priority anymore. Until then, though, I would like to apologise for the horrible punctuation, terrible spelling, excessive ellipses and rambling disconnected thoughts. My brain is working overtime… Doesn’t leave much brain function for late night blog posts.

I leave you with a quote from one of our lecturers: “The dissection halls don’t smell too bad. We have extraction fans, aircons, etc. I’m sure you can smell the cadavers in the parking lot outside, but in the dissection halls – not so much! We don’t worry about the people downstairs!” Quote, unquote! I kid you not.


4 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Hey, I’ll be praying for you! Remember God is bigger than your expontentially growing insane workload!!

    I’m really enjoying these posts -mostly the fact that I’m not you!

  2. Mark: I’m so glad it’s entertaining! I was a little bit worried about writing seven weeks of anatomy and dissection posts and chasing all my readers away! Sorry about the queasiness though, I can’t do anything about that… 🙂

    Bronnie: Good point. *Renate grabs a piece of paper, writes: “God is bigger than my workload” and sticks it on her noticeboard.*

    Candace: So glad I could make you laugh! I think we’re going to need that a lot over the next 7 weeks!

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