Long weekends are lifesavers! I think that the first weekend of every block should be a long weekend. Maybe one day we’ll have a medical student as president who can get some legislation like that passed… 😛

However, I have to admit, despite the long weekend, I still studied until 2 in the morning on Monday evening/ Tuesday morning!

That doesn’t mean I did nothing all weekend and then crammed on Monday evening! It simply means that I did more work on Monday evening than at any other time during the long weekend. (Sheepish grin.)

Okay, it sounds worse than it really is! Anyway, thanks to the long weekend, I managed to do well in the first of our weekly tests. I was so excited I even SMS’ed my mom!!!

After that initial high the week quickly went back to normality, though.

We finished dissecting the abdomen today and I feel like I haven’t even started to understand what’s going on in there! It’s a small consolation that I’m not the only one who feels like that…

Some time with the textbook is urgently needed!

I was graciously given the opportunity to further my acquaintance with the contents of our cadaver’s colon. (To be fair, the other members of my group had previously cleaned out the stomach and the small intestine. I just happened to hit the jackpot!) The whole experience was… interesting! Luckily everything simply smelt like formalin rather than faeces.

We start to dissect the pelvis and reproductive organs tomorrow. This has the potential to be even more interesting than cleaning out the colon.

I am debating whether or not I should blog about this dodgy dissection. Remember, I try to keep this blog fairly family friendly! Opinions, anyone?

I’m off to go hug a textbook…


One thought on “Jackpot!

  1. Maybe you can add Ratings e.g. PGB – Parental Guidance needed for this BLOG 🙂
    Good luck and all the best. Keep it up, hard work pays off.

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