Dissection / Medicine

How anatomy brought back the joy…

I used to love learning new medical facts. Anything medically related fascinated me. I used to be curious. Used to…

Somewhere over the course of the last year or so I lost that part of me. Without even noticing it, I slipped into a semi-mindless state in which my brain processed and stated facts without actually thinking.

My brain went into hibernation.

Medicine became mindless.

I focussed on the facts rather than on understanding.

Strangely enough, it is this fast paced anatomy block, rather than the relaxed Block 3 that is bringing the joy back into medicine.

Maybe it’s because there is so much work that it can’t just be memorised. I’m forced to understand rather than memorise and regurgitate.

Maybe it’s because I actually have to prepare beforehand in order to know what the lecturer is talking about.

Maybe it’s simply because I’m too lazy to work hard unless I’m under super hectic pressure!

Whatever the reason, I’m still grateful to this insane anatomy block for restoring unto me the joy of an inquiring mind.

Long may it last…


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