What’s that?

The lecturer responsible for our row of tables in the dissection hall has this habit of wandering up and down the rows, firing random questions at the students.

For instance, he will pause by your table, poke his finger at one of the freshly exposed muscles and demand: “What’s that?” Usually this muscle will have some long, unpronounceable name like extensor hallucis longus, or adductor brevis or illiopsoas muscle.

One group of students was really stumped by his question today. They could not formulate any answer, let alone a semi-intelligent one!

Finally the lecturer decided to give the students a hint. “It starts with P and ends with -opliteal!”

“Oh, right, the popliteal nerve!” The students looked quite relieved.

The lecturer grimaced.

“Uhm, no. The popliteal MUSCLE!”



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