This is my happy face!

Today I actually volunteered for a spot test.

I’ve discovered that I like anatomy.


We finished dissecting the lower limb today. As per usual, we then participated in an inter-table spot test.

Which my dissection table totally zoned! As in ten out of ten. Like, really awesome.

Mega happy face!

So then the lecturers told everyone to get outta there. Time to go home!

Except the three or so tables who had failed the spot test.

As this point I left.

Five minutes later, sitting in the study resource, a.k.a. the anatomy museum, I discovered that I had absolutely no idea what was going on with the adductor muscles!

So, like the dedicated student that I am… (take that with a pinch of salt please!) I climbed up the stairs again to the dissection hall to ask a lecturer.

Arriving there, I discovered that the lecturers had set up a slightly more serious spot test for the “you must stay behind because you failed” students.

While speaking to my table lecturer about adductor longus and brevis and magnus, I was asked if I wanted to join in with the spot test. So, seeing as I like anatomy, I said yes!

What a mistake.

What. A. Mistake!

By question #3 out of 15, I was suspecting that this was the lecturer special “Let’s scare you into studying” because you are the “you must stay behind because you failed” group of students.

By question #8 out of 15 I was sure of it.

By question #10 out of 15 my happy face had totally disappeared.

By question # 13 out of 15 I was wondering if I knew anything at all!

By the time we had marked the test and had heard the correct answers I was pretty sure that I knew nothing. Okay, maybe not nothing, but still, 5 out of 15 is not a particularly good mark…

But hey! At least I know what’s up with the adductor muscles now!

And I know I need to study.

And I still like love anatomy.

That happy face is back!


3 thoughts on “This is my happy face!

  1. Hi Renate!
    Wow, I didn’t know you were in Uni… and doing medicine! What do you plan to ‘do’ with your degree once you are done?

    Enjoy the happy face!

    PS: Congrats on winning the NaNoWriMo contest last year (I saw the button on the sidebar). My brother Josh tried it in 2009 I think – it’s a big commitment!

  2. Hi Jessica.

    Yup, I’m studying medicine! 🙂 I’m not sure yet whether or not I want to specialise… We’ll see what the Lord has in store for me when I get there!

    I really enjoyed Nano – it is a big commitment, but it’s totally worth it!


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