April Fools…

Necessary background info: There are two dissection halls. I dissect in the upper dissection hall. We have three absolutely awesome lecturers. We get to leave early and go home if our work is done. We have mock spot tests every so often. Dissection is fun. The lower dissection hall on the other hand…

Room full of dead bodies + April 1 = Irresistible temptation!

I was waiting for it! I knew the lecturers would have to do something. It wasn’t only April Fool’s Day, it was also the last day of the term! I mean, come on…

So when we arrived back at the dissection hall to find a crowd of students staring in disbelief at the notice on the door, I wasn’t really surprised.

The notice said, more or less, that due to the dissatisfaction of the students on the lower dissection hall, we would be swapping with them as from after the holidays.

I leave the facial expressions up to your imagination!

Of course, at this point our awesome lecturer entered the room and assured us that it was indeed an April Fool’s Day joke.

He paused before delivering the bombshell: The lecturers would be swapping dissection halls.

Once again, simply imagine the outcry from the students!

In my opinion, two April Fools Day jokes in one day is pushing it…


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