Dissection / Unseriousnesses

My professor says…

that steak knives are pointy so that they can be used to perform cricothyroidotomies!

His reasoning is that steak knives were invented by the Americans, because they like to eat with their forks. Thus, using a steak knife, they can cut their meat, and thereafter use a fork. This leads to them eating large pieces of meat, because they’re too lazy to cut their meat up properly.

End result: The steak knife user chokes on his piece of large meat!

Then the onlookers have two choices: Cricothyroidotomy or Heimlich manoeuvre.

Apparently this problem is not limited to Americans, but is common to South Africans as well. The prof concluded by stating that although “they” had invented the Heimlich manoeuvre, “we” had perfected it!

Honest Injun! This is really what they tell us during lectures! (Among other things, of course!)

Your future medical professionals are being informed that steak knives were invented for cricothyroidotomies.

Be scared. Be very scared.


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