What’s that irritating noise that sounds like a fire alarm?

We took part in an entertaining activity today!

We were sitting in the lecture hall. There was about half an hour between classes and most of us were too lazy (or too fast asleep) to move out onto the lawn.

All around me people were chatting. Or sleeping.

Gradually I became aware of an irritating siren-like noise. Near me I overheard someone wish that the annoying noise would just stop. General agreement with the statement was felt.

About five minutes later someone came rushing into the lecture room. Yelling above the noise, she announced that this was a fire drill. She suggested that we get out of the room.

Easier said than done. Outside, the passages were jammed with people. Moving. At. Snail’s. Pace.

I had no idea so many people could even fit in the building! Let alone all get out at once.

Eventually we reached the parking lot. Where we made a bee-line for the sunshine. It gets kinda chilly here in winter. (Especially when you’re stagnating in an air-conditioned lecture hall.)

Apparently it took six and a half minutes for us to evacuate the building.

I’m just glad it wasn’t a real fire! Because if it had been, there would be a whole lot of fried second years in the lecture hall right now.

Now that would be forensics for you!


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