My walk with God / The Persecuted Church

There is a nervous system that is more important than mere nerves and brain tissue…

It’s Missions Conference at our church this weekend.

The topic? The Persecuted Church.

Why? Because we’re part of the same body that they’re part of. We are one body in Christ.

The speaker, Mike, illustrated this with a story about a guy with a hammer.

So you’re hammering away with your hammer, and suddenly you hit your thumb with the hammer. Ouch!

The pain signals travel in your nerves until they reach your brain. Your brain then sends a message to your other hand.

This hand then says: “Sorry, I can’t help, I’m too busy holding this hammer!”

Uhm, actually not.

That hand then rushes to comfort the afflicted hand.

Get it?

The question is – What are we doing to comfort the afflicted hand?

We are one body. Never let us forget that.


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