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I fell asleep in class today.

I was asleep. Properly asleep. Asleep enough that my friends took a photo of me sleeping.

And I only found out about the photo a couple of hours later.

(In my defense, this is an occurrence that does not happen frequently…)

Block 2 “Proper” started this morning. Last week was really just forensics. Now we’re doing epidemiology, ethics, adverse life situations, public health and basically how to become a good doctor!

The university have a problem, though. Because Block 2 comes directly after the (very hectic) anatomy block, the students tend to treat Block 2 like a six week holiday.

And you can’t get away from it –  epidemiology is boring!

This means that half of the lecturer’s job consists of trying to convince 300 medical and dental students that Block 2 is not actually a waste of time!

To make matters even worse, we had class from 8 until 5. I watched the sun rise this morning on the way to university. And I saw it set on the way home.

It was a long day.

So when I got home, I sat down at the piano and played until suppertime.

The only thing that can beat that for healing wounds, is a superman bandaid!


4 thoughts on “I fell asleep in class today.

  1. Too bad you’ve got such uncomfortable chairs! We’ve got this nice and comy lecture hall with chairs in which you can just rest your head against the back of the chair and fall asleep while it sorta looks as though you’re still awake. I’ve slept through way too much lectures, but so far, no one took a picture of me :P.

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