Some guy tried to chat me up in the swimming pool today!

I like swimming. It’s the sport I get along with the best.

That doesn’t mean I’m some kind of olympic swimmer macho woman.

It just means I like swimming.

I was peacefully swimming along today, minding my own business, when I notice this guy loitering at the edge of the pool in a decidedly sinister “do you mind if I share a lane with you” manner.

So I tumbleturned.

With as much splash as I could possibly generate.


(Yes, I’m a bad person. I do actually try to dissuade potential lane sharers by splashing them. Especially when the potential lane sharers are ego guys with well developed abdominal muscles.)

This guy wasn’t deterred at all. He continued to hang around, despite there being other lanes that he could share with other (friendlier) people.

Eventually I had to stop.

I was out of breath. Like I say, I’m not some Olympic swimmer.

The guy makes his move. I try to be gracious in my reply.

Said guy enters the pool. Makes some remark about how cold the water is. (In his defense, there was a problem with the heating system, so it was colder than usual. But really, 24 degrees is not that cold!)

The guy moves from cold water to my swimming abilities.

I don’t know why he felt the need to make conversation anyway?

So he’s like: “Wow, do you swim for the provincial team? ‘Cos your swimming’s really good.”

I was amused. Because I am really not some Olympic swimmer at all!

When I denied being on the provincial team, he then asked where I had learnt to swim “like that.” Followed by: “Oh. What does that mean. (“That” being the name of my former swimming club.) Which was followed by other personal questions which I did not answer.

Unless tumbleturning is an answer.

Eventually he switched lanes.

And about two minutes after that, he got out, with a muttered excuse. “The water’s too cold.”

I wondered why it took him so long to realise how cold the water was.

After all, how much cold water must a girl throw before the guy gets the message?


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