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What happens when a med student suddenly has too much time, a.k.a. HOLIDAYS!!!

One doesn’t usually expect the first day of the holidays to feel like a bit of a let-down…

Don’t get me wrong! I am overjoyed that it is f.i.n.a.l.l.y. time for the holidays!!! Block 2 felt like an eternity!

Yet, somehow, today felt like the end, not the beginning.

I think it’s because everyone else was packing up to drive home to some far away location next to the sea. As for me, I drove home, just like I do on every other day during the semester, to my home which is not next to the sea.

That’s a bit of a downer, wouldn’t you say?

So, I found something for my hands to do…

I started making a quilt!

(Like my life isn’t busy enough already!)

I have been inspired by people like Amanda, who has an awesome blog with tons of info about quilting! I have spent waaay too many late-night hours on Jeni’s blog! Also on the blog of  Elizabeth “who does not want to be called Betsy.”I love blogs with cute titles! Dorothy and the Land of Quilts always makes me think of the Emerald City and the Wizard of Oz. (Not to mention those creepy little men with the lethal boxing heads on springs thing…)  And of course, quirky granola girl just sounds so cool!

Right, so the inspiration is there!

There’s just one small problem.

The biggest thing I’ve ever sewn was an apron. And that was a long time ago.

But hey, I can sew a straight line! (More or less…)

And my mom has an awesome stash of material!

Patchwork is good!

After all, I can worry about the whole let’s quilt through 3 layers of slipping and sliding material when I get there!

For now, I’m having fun playing with colour combinations!

P.S. I didn’t forget to keep checking on the lunar eclipse outside! Brrrrrrr! (I think it’s time for summer again!)


2 thoughts on “What happens when a med student suddenly has too much time, a.k.a. HOLIDAYS!!!

  1. Enjoy your holidays! I’ve got 3 weeks to go… And of course, I’d love to see pictures of your quilt! I’m no good at sewing, I can sort of ‘stitch’ a sock and that’s it :).

    Do you know the Suture for a Living blog? She makes fantastic quilts:

  2. LOL Wow thank goodness im not the only one finding random things to do and just as i began to relax Faculty day called! Heard you guys were in and i was just begining to feel relief when i got the dreaded call lol. good luck with your quilt and poster now i guess

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