I have proven that quilting is not just for old people!

It’s been a whilesince I last blogged…

Don’t worry, though, I’ll make up for it today! (Mwah ha ha, blog post overload, here we come!)

So, I was crazy enough to try to make a quilt. (Using a sewing machine, in case you were wondering. Hand sewing just does not do it for me.)

I decided to start by making a mini quilt. Big enough to try the technique, small enough to be utterly useless once made. Genius, huh?

Anyway, I. Had. A. BLAST! The most fun I’ve had since dissection block. (And that was fun.)

I’m part of a pretty arty family. It’s quite intimidating at times, actually!

I’ve never been able to draw much more than squiggles…

The best part is, when I’m quilting, my ability to draw perfect squiggles actually gives me a head start! Finally, my squiggle drawing talent is being put to good use! I can go to bed at night secure in the knowledge that my squiggling ability is not being squandered…

Trust me, you’re gonna see a lot more squiggles here!


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