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Work in progress Wednesday

As I mentioned previously, there are a lot of very inspiring quilting blogs out there on the world wide web. The quilting community and network is amazing!

Of course, there are all sorts of quilt-alongs and link-up sessions etc.

So, if you want to see more quilty goodness, hop along to Lee’s blog and check out the hundred or so blog posts linked up for work-in-progress Wednesday.

I haven’t been quilting for very long, but I already have a couple of works in progress!

(Luckily, so far I seem to have avoided the fabric stash problem which appears to have a high prevalence among blogging quilters!)

I have one quilt which is almost finished – it just needs binding now! Unfortunately, I can’t share much more than a peek, this quilt is going to a very special lady who might or might not read my blog…

I started planning a lightning bolt quilt as my second ever quilt, but it got put on the back-burner due to the above quilt for said special lady!

Unfortunately, this is as far as it got! (Note, all blocks so far were cut using a ruler, pencil and scissors! Oh what a  happy day it was when I got a rotary cutter! Thanks, Mom!)

Also, because I’m an insane med student who totally doesn’t have enough on her plate already, I want to join Leila’s Skill Builder Sampler series!

Since school started on Monday, this is as far as I’ve gotten. (I’ve been a bit busy learning about Latin cows…)

Unfortunately, the work-in-progress with the highest priority at the moment, is this one!

The test is on Friday… Study, study, study!


2 thoughts on “Work in progress Wednesday

  1. Bravo to you for studying medicine–let the quilting head to the back burner for those Latin Cows, but when you do pick it back up–I like the quilt you’ve designed. Beautiful.

  2. Wow, thank you! I got the basic idea from a book, and picked the colours from what my mother already had in her material stash.

    I’m still very new at this…

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