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Renate is excited today!

Go check it out!

I’m guest posting at Mind on Medicine today, as part of Danielle’s Medical Education Monday series.

(Yes, I know it’s Tuesday…)

Time zones make my head hurt.

Anyway, go have a look. I’m posting about medical education in South Africa, but there are some pretty interesting previous posts that you might want to have a look at too. Medical education in Egypt? Greece? Spain? Other cool places?

You know you want to…


6 thoughts on “Renate is excited today!

  1. Interesting post! I’m a bit jealous, apparently almost everyone gets a solid foundation in the life sciences. We also have a 6 year medicine program but alas, no real science apart from the barest essentials necessary to understand human physiology etc. I’ll have to do with high school physics and chemistry for the rest of my life…

    I’m considering going abroad during the master but I haven’t decided on a country yet. Many people I know went to South Africa, by the way! It’s become a kind of a fashion to do some internships abroad but I thought it was a bit overdone to do the nursing intership abroad…

  2. Loved having you!! If you find a student from a country I haven’t done, send them my way. 🙂

  3. CT: Lol, six months of physics and chemistry isn’t very much!

    Maybe your high school physics and chemistry syllabus was better than ours – since they brought in OBE, SA education hasn’t been much to talk about…

    I’ve heard that a lot of people come to South Africa for practical experience – lots of gunshot wounds and other interesting (aka tragic) cases! 🙂

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