Germany / Say what? / South Africa

And I thought summer was on its way!

This time three weeks ago I was wandering along the beach with my bare feet in the swirling water and the ocean breeze on my bare arms.

Now? Well, I’m sitting underneath a blanket with a cup of steaming hot cocoa.

Quite a difference isn’t it?

Welcome to winter in sunny snowy South Africa!

In fact, there was so much snow that the N3 highway was closed! Boy, am I glad I didn’t get stuck in that traffic jam! And I’m even more glad that I wasn’t stuck on the mountain in the snow…

Although, it is very pretty!

You know, when I went to Germany as an exchange student, I didn’t get to see much snow at all! In fact, there’s more snow in all those photos of van Reenen’s pass, than what I saw in three (winter) months in Germany!

Murphy. It’s all his fault.


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