Medicine / Say what?

I took my (very heavy) Pathology textbook to university today…

…and my bag broke!

Uhm, oops?


4 thoughts on “I took my (very heavy) Pathology textbook to university today…

  1. Nope, Underwood!

    But some of our lecturers have refered to Robbin’s in the lectures, so I actually want to check out the library copy.

  2. So there exists a heavier book than Robbins? Wow! 🙂

    During the first two years, we used to have one open-book-exam every semester, in addition to the ‘normal’ exams after each course. We were allowed to take along ANYTHING apart from electronical devices. So everyone loaded their suitcases with books – the Robbins, anatomy atlases, etc. etc.I don’t remember how heavy mine was but it was something like 20-30 kg (I could barely lift the suitcase…).
    The exam was supposed to test ‘insight’ etc because they supposed you wouldn’t be able to look everything up, but eventually, we discovered that most answers could be easily found in medical dictionaries, the lecture sheets and the practise test.

    Now first and second years are tormented with an exam with only open questions…

  3. After having conducted my (extremely unscientific – eyeball the two books) research in the university library, I have come to the conclusion that Robbins and Underwood are pretty similar in size and weight…

    Lol, how many textbooks can a first year fit into a suitcase?
    How many elephants fit into a Mini?

    Life is comprised of such interesting questions!

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