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Well, it’s Wednesday again!

a.k.a. Work in Progress Wednesday:

Well, I’m still here! And still alive! Still quilting! (And studying…)


Hooray! I actually completed something! The quilt for the special lady has been completed: binding, label and a good wash to get it to that level of lovely scrunchy crumpled goodness I’ve read about on so many blogs!

In fact, this week during these two weeks, I completed two projects! I found an awesome tutorial to make a cute bag, but the dimensions were not ideal for university students with notebooks and pencils and sandwiches for lunch…

So, I changed the dimensions just a leetle! As usual, the bag didn’t end up quite how I’d imagined it, because I just cannot get the seam allowances right when I’m calculating the maths! One would think a med student would be able to add a seam allowance on BOTH sides of a stripe…


1. I finally sewed a block from the Skill Builder Sampler! Whoop, whoop! (Can you see I’m taking this one slowly? πŸ™‚ )

2. Lightning Bolt quilt: No progress. Unless migrating the materials from my armchair to a shelf is progress…

3. I have made some progress on the Super-duper-secret quilt. I finally figured out how I’m going to make this one. I’m working from a photo. I have no measurements. No instructions. And this is probably the most complicated quilt I’ve ever made. (Which isn’t saying much. Seeing as I’ve only made two quilts! But still…)

I’ve been making a practice block. I can’t show everything here, ‘cos that would give the pattern away, but a teensy weensy peek can’t do any harm!

4. I found this awesome material. This is going to make three gorgeous bags for my sisters and I! I can’t wait!

5. Why is it that I always participate in this link-up in the week of a test? Maybe it’s got something to do with the fact that I am a really bad procrastinator?

Anyhow. This one is the big one: Block Test!

Renate is scared.

And kind of clueless.

Study, study, study!!!

Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced for Work in Progress Wednesday.


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